Applying Munsell Myself

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SM White Rose Study

Although I’ve been following Paul Foxton for a bit over a year, this is really my first real try at using Munsell for my own paintings.

Ok. I’m convinced. Paul has taught me something quite valuable.


White Rose Study

White Rose Study


This study still has a long way to go to “match what I see”, but I know it’s much better than my earlier flowers.

My process:

1) I found a subject I wanted to paint

2) altered my studio a bit to allow me to paint sight-size as Paul does then sketched in the subject on my 5×7 panel (toned with burnt umber)

3) chose Munsell chips from the student book for the light/mid/dark values for the white rose and the green leaves

4) mixed up my WSO paints to match the chips

5) then began to paint: first the background, then the dark(lowest values) and light(highest values) on both the rose and the leaves

6) next the mid-values were worked in to the painting, blending only a bit as needed

The most challenging is still mixing up the paints to match the chips, so I know what my next project will be: mixing, mixing, mixing and more mixing!

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