Be Willing to Keep Working

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SM Out of Darkness 3

I am an impatient painter. I want to do mine alla prima (all at once). I am learning that sometimes that is good, and sometimes it is not.

Now I am about to make corrections to a paintingI did earlier and just am not happy with. So here goes.

img 0839
Out of the Darkness

This is the study I did earlier this year.

SM Out of the Darkness 2
Out of the Darkness 2

I’ve been spending some extra time trying to make it better. IOu started with the apple. After day 1 the halftone shadow on the apple is still too abrupt. I’ll work on it a bit more.

SM Out of Darkness 3
Out of Darkness 3

Day 2 has the apple looking OK. Next I moved to work on the drapery. It’s different but no where near right!

That led me to seeing some areas to alter in the brass pot.

  1. the shadow is way too dark, it obscures the shape, so it’s hard to even see that it’s a pot!
  2. the surface doesn’t show enough reflections. It’s hard to see it a metal.
SM Out of Darkness 4
Out of the Darkness 4

OK. It’s starting to come together. I like the pot and the branch. The aple is better now that it’s more red throughout.

The drapery has been a problem. It’s too wet to make pure white. Perhaps then the reflection will read right as reflects in the metal.

I’ll let it dry once more and work on it more in a while.