But how do we begin this art journey?

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Looking at the posts so far it seems that they are starting once the work has progressed quite a bit. It’s always good to start at the start! What about learning to draw before we worry about copyrights. In the next series of posts I will share some of my journey. The internet is amazingly filled with fabulous artists willing to share their extraordinary knowledge with willing students. Last summer I went looking around for skilled teachers I could learn from at a reasonable cost. (read FREE) One of those is England’s Will Kemp. He has a good background at the British Museum and the Tate. He uses┬ásimple step-by-step lessons based on Classical painting fundamentals, perfect for the absolute beginner. He offers wonderful instruction for those looking to begin in drawing, acrylic or oils. It’s a good place to learn some classical techniques. And so I did. You can find many free courses on his blog willkempartschool.com.