Drawing Bargue

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SM Plate I 9 1

I was challenged by on of my co-artists. That’s all it took to get me back to searching and learning. She suggested that my paintings may be improved by looking into some classical drawing classes. She said she had worked on doing many of the illustrations from the Charles Bargue Drawing Course.

Being self-taught and not very familiar with the great art schools or the more recent atelier programs I’d never even heard of Bargue. But I did find the Cours de Dessin book of 130 Bargue illustrations.

Then I found YouTube videos from The Da Vinci Initiative where they are using Brague to teach art for K-12. Wow! I went back to elementary school!

I’m having oodles of fun and discovering new ways to think about my art.

It would never have occurred to me that art this complicated could actually be simple! Just straight lines and shadow shapes and voila!