Fall Bartletts

Fall Bartletts

The color and shapes of these Bartletts caught my eye today.

Fall Bartletts – Their color and shape struck my eyes this morning. So I got excited to paint them and quickly completed them in about 2 hours! Amazing…

It’s been a while since my last date with the easel. I’ve been busy preparing for my show next weekend.

This will be my first show in over 14 years so I’m stressing a bit, as you can imagine.

Making all the decisions: Which paintings to choose to include? Name and Sign on the back. Get them framed. How to price them? Type up a price list. Arrange for display space, table size, lattice background, Who to hang? Who to move paintings to table? Who to help me staff for two days? Place ad on Facebook. etc., etc.

It’s beginning to feel like I may be able to even rest a bit this week. With my MS I know that I need to do that!

Taking the two hours to paint these lovely Fall Bartletts today has been a soul restorative!

Absolutely necessary. Now I’ll post this and take a nap before dinner with friends.