February Newsletter

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Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Every New Year I meditate on the fresh new page of my life. What will it hold? How will I grow? Where will I learn? Who from? What topics?

January kept me busy with daily work in the studio. My daily practice helps me grow as an artist. My work did result in several completed paintings.
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Valentines gifts to be cherished longer than bouquets of florists roses.
The paintings are each 8”x10” oil on panel. Priced at $295 or 2 for $500.

Call me at 215 262-2330 or Email me at karlene@Artbykarlene.com. Checks accepted.

I’ll wrap your paintings and mail them to you for your walls.10% of all sales are donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.
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Continue Covid – 19 mask wearing and social distancing. Stay Safe!