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First Still LIfe Class

Will Kemp Art School offers an Advanced Still Life Class

Will Kemp offers an Advanced Still Life Class as part of the Will Kemp Art School. Since that is the style of art I really love, I decided to give his class a try.

I live in a retirement community. I used to paint still life in oil paints, but that was nearly 15 years ago. There is a large Art Room for our use, but they’d prefer that we work without solvents. That limits media to acrylics and water colors, neither of which I like working with.

A friend recommended I try water mixable oil paints. I exclaimed, ‘Who knew!?!?’ I found a beginner set of Winsor Newton Artisans. I posted some samples of the early pieces I did using those paints.

I supplemented that set with the few additional colors recommended for this class. I re-learned a great deal by taking Will’s class. Here’s the painting I completed there.

SM Still Life Trial