Welcome to 2020!

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Suddenly we’ve travelled directly from Thanksgiving to nearly February! My how the time does fly.

I certainly hope you’ve all recovered from a series of wonderful holiday festivities.

January has brought me more painting energy and I’m expanding into a new direction, too. I’ve begun to take classes with 3 wonderful teachers: Daniel Edmondson, Dennis Perrin and Bryan Mark Taylor.

Landscapes are very different from Still Life and Florals. I am hopeful that some concentrated practice will help me to improve. I’m liking that I’m able to be freer with my brushstrokes and color choices.

Here’s just one example. You can see more in the Paintings Gallery: https://Artbykarlene.com/paintings-gallery/

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Mountain Falls

Can meditation lead to another level?

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The Perrin Method

Dennis Perrin encourages us to meditate prior to each session at the easel. As part of his classes he includes a special Artist Meditation to be done. I’m very quickly seeing why. Yesterday’s painting is making me a real believer!

Meditation on Oranges II

Meditation on Oranges II

TM (Transcendental Meditation) has been my way

John and I began doing TM about 15 years ago. That is a special form. Basically it’s 20 minutes of silence done twice a day, morning and evening. I use special Mantra to settle my mind and follow the breathe. Dennis’ is a guided combined with special music. It’s different but just as effective.