Let there be Light

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Fiery Sky
Fiery Morning $250 10 inches(w) x 8 inches(h)

About this Painting

An original oil sketch of clementines spilling out of a brass kettle with grapes and a small ginger jar.

  • Traditionally, an oil sketch was an artwork intended as a quick study for a larger commissioned piece. These beautiful oil paintings are often smaller in size than other works and may be completed in less time.

Framing Options

corner black and gold small
Black & Gold
corner air gold small
Plein Air Gold
ornate gold corner small 1
Ornate Gold

Frame Details

Painting comes ready to hang with no need for
additional hardware or assembly

Painting Details

  • Medium Oil on canvas board
  • Canvas size 10 inches (w) × 8 inches (h)
  • Framed size 14 inches (w) x 12 inches (h)
  • Frame note Frames shown are for reference only

Framing Options

corner black and gold small

Elevate the wall décor in your space with this truly elegant frame. The deep, soft black finish of this wood frame allows the gold rim at the
edge of the swooped profile to work as a sleek accent to any art work framing

corner air gold small

Artists love this Antiqued Gold Leaf Plein Air picture frame – it’s ideal for floral, still life
and landscape paintings alike. Gold leaf finish show subtle distressing, with delicate foil leaf lines adding a unique richness to the wood

ornate gold corner small 1

Bring warmth and beauty into your surroundings with this antiqued yellow gold
picture frame. Its rounded profile has lovely beading on the inner lip and raised relief
details throughout. It’s a stunning look.

Sunflowers in Glass

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Sunflowers in Glass
14″ x 11″ oil on panel

I’ve added the white lily as a sign of hope. It’s my prayer that peace quickly descends on Ukraine.

My Sunflower paintings are being sold for $545 and 25% will be be used ship medical supplies to Ukraine.

Summer Sunflowers

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Summer Sunflowers
14″ x 11″ oil on panel


My sunflowers are being painting to honor the brave souls of Ukraine. The horror takes my breath.

So I sit and meditate on the beauty of their national flower.

Taking up by brushes and immersing myself in color for the morning makes life seem doable again.

My Sunflower paintings are being sold for $545 and 40% ($327) will be be used ship medical supplies to Ukraine.

Kelli’s Sunflowers 19H19

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Kelli's Sunflowers in a blue vase
Kelli's Sunflowers in a blue vase
Kelli’s Sunflowers 19H19

As I’ve often said, sunflowers are some of my favorite flowers. Yet, most all flowers are some of my favorites, too.

My friend brought these majestic beauties. So out came my canvas and paints!

I think I love best the way the flowers follow the sun. Just watch some sunny day. They seem to always just know where the sun is.

Navajo Daffodils

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sm navajo daffodils

Navajo Daffodils.

These daffodils came from my garden.

The vase is from a trip John and I made to attend a reunion of his high school in Verde Valley Arizona. While there we did a bit of sight seeing in Navajo Country. I spied this little gem in one of the trading posts.

I thought they looked just about perfect together. Do you agree?

Value Study in Classical Painting

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SM Value Cylinder 1

This week’s Threads skills workshop inspired me to work a bit more on value to paint form. I laid out my palette with a value scale, in this case of 7 values from white to black. The sphere and cylinder can be convincingly portrayed using these values.

Once I became enthralled with classical drawing and learning just a bit from the Brague drawings, I was determined to look into other lessons to gain by studying some classical painting technique.

Much of the traditional ways artists were trained was nearly lost by the mid 20th century as Expressionism and Abstraction led the way in art schools. Since the 1990s smaller art academies have been resurrecting some of the older methods. Ateliers dedicated to teaching the classical teaching modes have been springing up around the globe.

One is headed by Juliette Aristides, the Aristides Classical Atelier at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle Washington. She has also published two volumes: Lessons in Classical Drawing and Lessons in Classical Painting.

In order to produce realistic art on a two dimensional canvas, one must find a way to show the third dimension. Accurately depicting the way light plays across the form is the way to accomplish this feat.


Daisy, Daisy

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SM Daisy Daisy e1650992252811

Give me your answer, do

No answer yet, but I certainly enjoyed picking these blossoms froma patch in my garden. My perennial garden is filled with blossoms and I wanted to catch them before they wilted in our 90 degree heat today.

Then they begged to be painted so I obliged.

SM Daisy Daisy
10″ x 8″ oil on canvas panel

This paintings are being sold for $250 and 25% will be be used ship medical supplies to Ukraine.

Ikebana Arrangement 1

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Ikebana 1
SM Foulkeways 1
Ikebana Arrangement 1

Fresh flowers are one of the great joys of life at the retirement center where I live. Painting them is a joy for me, too!

Years ago a former resident left an endowment sufficient to allow for weekly visits to a local wholesaler to pick up fresh flowers. Resident members of the Flower Committee then meet each Tuesday and Friday. They create the most wonderful arrangements which are then placed in various location around the community.

Remember this sort of gift of your treasure when you are arranging your own legacy donations. Pay it Forward and the saying goes!

How Drawing Bargue studies improved my paintings – White Orchids

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SM White Orchids 1

Congratulations to the winning bidder!

It was suggested that I spend the last month or so just drawing. It wasn’t clear to me that I really needed to study drawing, however I do think it’s been helpful.

I was happy to be ready to offer one of my small oil paintings for sale.

Now White Orchids is being readied for shipment to be enjoyed.

SM White Orchids 1
White Orchids – SOLD

Yellow Rose Completed – This just thrills my soul

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SM Yellow Rose

I’m so thrilled with where my art has taken me. Didn’t know I could do this!!

SM Yellow Rose

Finished this late last night and I had to put it up on line this morning.

Now I’m going to see my husband for breakfast. He’s always been my art muse. He loves to see my work and hear of my adventures learning new things. He’ll love this too.

Once I get back I’ll finish this post and let you all hear more of his comments. Of course with his Alzheimer’s there’s really no longer words only emotional respose, but hey are really wonderful. He’s still able to show me his feelings and that’s really what is important anyway.

My love got out two actual words this morning: “Oh, WOW!” He is just the bestest support for me ever. We spent several hours just holding each other. He’s quiet, but loving. I never would have started this career without his encouragement.

Back when we first were dating in the 90s he introduced me to fine art. I was brought up in Northern Pennsylvania, not a part of the US known for it’s cultural awareness! So I had no idea of art and artists. He was from New York city. On one of our early weekends he took me there. We spent an entire weekend going to lots of museums.

I was already rather handicapped by my MS. He got me wheelchairs and walked me from one floor of the Met to the next. We started with their exhibit of Impressionists and then explored. Then to the other floors. I was amazed and enthralled with the varieties of work.

Next we went to the Guggenheim. He began on the top floor and we went rount and round til we we back at street level. It was a fabulous time. But it was not the last art exploration trip for us.

He had studied art at the Museum School of the Boston Museum. He introduced me to so much of the art of the world. Later we did go to Boston and the Elizabeth Stuart Gartner. When my son moved to DC we went to the National Gallery of Art.

So when he rewards me with a heartfelt “Oh, WOW”, I’m always amazed. I know he knows art and it just surprises me that he likes my work so much.

I’m just like many other artist wanna-be’s. I don’t believe I’m really any good at this stuff. So of course, I’m not sure my work measures up. No one will like it. The colors are all wrong. The drawing is not correct. And so on, and so on…

My soul is filled. So I just got back and saw my garden filled with the daffodils he planted a few years ago. Perhaps I’ll pick some. I’ll enjoy them on my table this evening and painting them in the morning!

Yellow Rose Study is in my newest work in process

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Yellow Rose Study 1

I’ve joined another study with Paul Foxton.

Last year I did his free course: Keys to Colour

I learned so very much, but couldn’t afford the full Munsell color book.

I still can’t but I really want to learn more from him in my life.

I’ve recently signed up for his monthly Threads class. I’m learning more and more and having loads of fun in the process.

Watch my progress here. Let me know what you think. Leave me a comment.