Composition: Have a Concept for your Painting

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Know where you’re going at the beginning of the painting

My favorite artist, David A. Leffel expressed this as the idea of “Concept”.

  • Is your painting about Light, chiaroscuro. Understand the interplay of dark/light.
  • Is your painting about Movement. Understand placement of the still life objects in your setup. Understand how light moves through the setup.
  • Will your painting have “drama”? How will you create this drama?

That all sounds good, but how do we get there at all?

Kelli Folsom has been helping me to learn to be able to answer some of these questions.Last year I spent several months as a subscriber to monthly Vital Art Sessions. She is a very dedicated and inspiring teacher.

Even after I was no longer able to participate in that program, I periodically receive an email from her. Today I learned that she was sharing her new video. Today’s was exploring ways to setup/layout your paintings. .

She is glad for me to share it on this site.

I hope you get a lot of new information for it, too.

Please go here for more information on Kelli’s VAS subscription program:– sessions-monthly-video-subscription

2019 Kelli Folsom

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SM Ginger Jar Lemon

Vital Art Sessions

In January I signed up for Kelli Folsom’s monthly subscription program.

This allowed me to paint even more often and to become part of a group of like-minded artists. We prefer to paint realistic still life oil paintings.

Kelli has a well thought out program for encouraging us to paint, to improve, to support each other, and to have FUN while we do it.

Once again I was exploring more and learning more as an artist. What is my vision? What do I really enjoy painting? What do I feel good about? What does my audience like? Does that really matter to me?

Then I began doing some of my own exploration.

Early 2018 works

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SM Apples and Grapes

My Setups and Color Studies

I looked for free videos online by artists using the techniques I loved. I found that most YouTube painting videos are focused on regular oil paint. And I found that the information was readily translate-able to WSO. I began working on color videos from Will Kemp and Kelli Folsom. Click on their names below to see them. Will Kemp Art School and Kelli Folsom I was learning but still looking to learn more and take some courses. These were all painted with Water mixable oil from a set like the one pictured here. Click on it to learn more. Royal Talens Cobra Water Mixable Oil Color Sets - Combo Set, Set of 10 colors, 40 ml tubesimage 9142569 13717235