January – 2022 BOGO Clearance Sale

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Thank heaven 2021 is behind us! I’m turning the page to a new year. I’m also turning the page into my new life. What will it hold> I’m loving my studio and the paintings that welcome me each morning. Painting is my refuge.

My mission is to use my talents and gifts for good.

This means 10% of all sales are donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. Also I donate paintings to be auctioned for charitable causes. Tell me how we can work together to support your favorite cause.

Learning from skilled teachers has always been my favorite experience. For the holidays, my family gave me lessons from new instructors. I have visions of new colors, new subjects, new flowers.

Today I begin daily work in the studio. It’s not likely to result in completed paintings each day. But at least daily practice will help me grow as an artist, enable me to better see what works and what doesn’t yet.

I’m ready to create new paintings to refill my studio. But first I need to empty my display wall, hence the:

2020 Studio Clearance photo

The wall where I display my current work is full and needs to get cleared. Please help. Take a couple of these to your home.

Small paintings look great alone or in groups. I’ve priced these to make them easy to afford.

🙂 Karlene