Learning to use Munsell

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Yes, I’m fully bought in! I am committed to really making my colors realistic. Paul Foxton has convinced me that this is really easy. Right now I’m not so sure that easy is the right word, but I’ll certainly give it a whirl.

This all feels like graduate school and I’m still a freshman. But studying always helped me in the past, so I’ve spent the last week or so just studying more about Munsell.

The 5th edition of the Student Color book only missed a single YR chip. Perhaps I’ll be able to make a replacement once I’ve learned more about how to estimate the missing one.

Over last week or so I’ve been spending lots of time reading. I found some interesting information on Frank J. Reilly on-line. Reilly was a big proponent of using Munsell in painting. One of this students, John Ennis, was kind enough to upload some notes from his 2010 class. You can find the Reilly Papers on his blog: http://ennisart.blogspot.com/.

My apologies for the terrible color of my photos of the Munsell pages. The chips are actually quite right and not at all like these photos…