Meditation on Oranges I

Meditation on Oranges I – How I met sunshine at the easel

My first foray into exploring a new, freer style

I awoke to listen to the Still Small Voice. It was so clear, calling me to meditation on my patio. It was one of those glorious early September days, the air was crisp and sky blue. As I settled images began to float by, some were colors without form, some forms with no colors. Simple compositions and so powerful.

Dennis Perrin – my latest teacher

For the last six months or so I’ve been looking at works by Dennis Perrin and really liking them. This weekend he held a Labor Day Sale and I just couldn’t resist. His style is still realistic, but it’s quite a bit looser than what I’ve been doing, This really appeals to me.

 I bit the bullet, checked my budget, and decided I could not, not get it. I opened his site and listened to a few of the demonstration videos. Do you have days when you can’t wait to get back to the easel? If so, you’ll recognize my excitement.

Meditation in the Perrin Method

There’s one special part of his ‘Perrin Method’ that I find appealing: He recommends beginning each painting session by meditating. It seems like he’s also been a long-time meditator, as have I. My days routinely begin and end with 20 minutes in silence. Although I haven’t mentioned it very often on this blog, here’s one time that I did: Back to Painting. Recently I re-worked that painting : Finally I feel Better about this Painting.But let’s move on.

Here’s my first foray into this exploration. I’ll try to combine my learning of color from Paul Foxton with this new information.  Instead of eating my breakfast oranges, I cut one opened and rushed to the easel. This is what emerged. I hope you enjoy it as much and I did painting it.

Meditation on Oranges I 

Meditation on Oranges I
Meditation on Oranges I