Munsell book progressing

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Munsell is a slow but steady process. Just sorting out the pages and chips for this 5Y page took most of the day.

5Y Chart

The first first page of the value/chroma chips, the R/Y (normally called orange) had me concerned. Most of the chips are just perfect, but some are stuck and that leads to a few getting the color pulled off. A few are missing entirely, but not too many. Then I found others stuck so only missing one.

I had learned from my fellow students of Paul Foxton’s Munsell color course. They had problems with missing color chips or paint chipping off in the 3rd edition of the Student book. I was worried I was seeing the same thing in my new 5th edition. But I decided to proceed on faith that the company had taken care to fix the problem.

I did get a link to the name and email for their Pennsylvania representative. Once I’ve got all the pages completed, I’ll send a note. Perhaps they’ll be able to replace the damaged and missing ones. I’d also like to see if I can get glossy chips since this book has only matte. Paul says the color is truer on the glossy. But, how obsessive am I really??

These pages took me most of the day and I’ll try to finished tomorrow.

Faith restored! The rest of these pages were fine. I’ll need to go back and look for a stuck chip on the 5YR page later.

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The 5G, 5BG and 5B went smoothly, but it was getting too dark to really see the colors. The rest will wait til tomorrow.