Painted my own Munsell Neutrals

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Munsell Value Scale

Ok, so we’ve all seen grey scales or value scales. So what’s different here?

Munsell Value Scale
My Munsell Neutrals

Well they’re not really grey! Or at least they cannot be made by combining Titanium White and Ivory Black!

And that’s because Ivory Black is really not black. Rather it’s a very dark shade leaning toward blue.

In order to create a truly neutral value scale the blue tint must be neutralized. The most effective way to achieve this is by adding a bit of Burnt Umber.

I created my own Munsell value scale by first creating a value scale of Titanium White/Ivory Black. Next I created a similar value scale of Titanium White/Brunt Umber. Then I carefully blended a bit of each to get a truly neutral value scale of my own (or a neutral as I could).

I matched each of these to the original Munsel scale from my Student book.

Hue Value Chroma
Munsell Neutrals