Summer Sunflowers

My sunflowers are being painting to honor the brave souls of Ukraine. The horror takes my breath. So I sit and meditate on the beauty of their national flower. Taking up by brushes and immersing myself in color for the morning makes life seem doable again. My Sunflower paintings are being sold for $545 and…

February Newsletter

Everything‚Äôs Coming Up Roses Every New Year I meditate on the fresh new page of my life. What will it hold? How will I grow? Where will I learn? Who from? What topics? January kept me busy with daily work in the studio. My daily practice helps me grow as an artist. My work did…

Sour grapes -18g28

Sour Grapes -18G28

8×10 oil on canvas Sour Grapes – 18G28 Painting Grapes and lemons together fit my mood today. My darling husband’s Alzheimer’s has gotten to the stage where I am unable to meet his needs. He is now living apart from me in the memory unit. It’s a blessing that we moved to a wonderful retirement…

Kelli’s sunflowers

Kelli’s Sunflowers

Kelli’s Sunflowers 19!19 As I’ve often said, sunflowers are some of my favorite flowers. Yet, most all flowers are some of my favorites, too.

My friend brought these majestic beauties. So out came my canvas and paints!

I love best the way the flowers follow the sun. Just watch some sunny day. They seem to always just know where the sun is.

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