Water Mixable Oils Discovered

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In love with WSO

I use to work with regular oil paints. Because of the solvents, the smell, and the mess, and health risks I stopped. It’s been a dozen years since I have painted.

One of my good friends suggested that I try water mixable oils instead. My reaction was the normal, ‘But oil and water don’t mix!’ She gave me some of hers so I gave them a try.

I used some canvas paper. They worked just like regular oils but no solvents, no smell and they wash up with soap and water. Even if I get a bit on my clothes, I just use a bit of stain remover and pop them in the washer. Presto the clothes are clean.

I’m in love with them. And I’m back to painting, lots of painting.

Take a look in the post of my artbykarlene.com/trial-paintings/

I started paintings with the small Royal Talens Cobra set from Dick Blick. ou can get yours by clicking on the photo.

Royal Talens Cobra Water Mixable Oil Color Sets - Combo Set, Set of 10 colors, 40 ml tubesimage 9142569 13717235