What can we do on those Blah Days? When everything goes wrong?

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Draw More Accurately

Today nearly everything went goofy

  • The alarm didn’t go off so I was late getting to see John
  • It was raining and still hot and steamy
  • John hadn’t slept well so he wasn’t able to walk to the table
  • The nurses were not particularly helpful moving his chair and I can’t
  • And so on…

What’s a lady to do?

When I got back to my apartment I sat down to read my emails. I noticed one from my art teacher. How fortuitous!

That sent me looking back over some of my early lessons that cheered me last year. Here’s the one I stumbled across. Enjoy!

Draw More Accurately

So whenever I get like this I’ve learned that doing something arty can make me feel better. I’m getting a fresh canvas out and I’ll have something new to show you next week.