Yellow Rose Completed – This just thrills my soul

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SM Yellow Rose

I’m so thrilled with where my art has taken me. Didn’t know I could do this!!

SM Yellow Rose

Finished this late last night and I had to put it up on line this morning.

Now I’m going to see my husband for breakfast. He’s always been my art muse. He loves to see my work and hear of my adventures learning new things. He’ll love this too.

Once I get back I’ll finish this post and let you all hear more of his comments. Of course with his Alzheimer’s there’s really no longer words only emotional respose, but hey are really wonderful. He’s still able to show me his feelings and that’s really what is important anyway.

My love got out two actual words this morning: “Oh, WOW!” He is just the bestest support for me ever. We spent several hours just holding each other. He’s quiet, but loving. I never would have started this career without his encouragement.

Back when we first were dating in the 90s he introduced me to fine art. I was brought up in Northern Pennsylvania, not a part of the US known for it’s cultural awareness! So I had no idea of art and artists. He was from New York city. On one of our early weekends he took me there. We spent an entire weekend going to lots of museums.

I was already rather handicapped by my MS. He got me wheelchairs and walked me from one floor of the Met to the next. We started with their exhibit of Impressionists and then explored. Then to the other floors. I was amazed and enthralled with the varieties of work.

Next we went to the Guggenheim. He began on the top floor and we went rount and round til we we back at street level. It was a fabulous time. But it was not the last art exploration trip for us.

He had studied art at the Museum School of the Boston Museum. He introduced me to so much of the art of the world. Later we did go to Boston and the Elizabeth Stuart Gartner. When my son moved to DC we went to the National Gallery of Art.

So when he rewards me with a heartfelt “Oh, WOW”, I’m always amazed. I know he knows art and it just surprises me that he likes my work so much.

I’m just like many other artist wanna-be’s. I don’t believe I’m really any good at this stuff. So of course, I’m not sure my work measures up. No one will like it. The colors are all wrong. The drawing is not correct. And so on, and so on…

My soul is filled. So I just got back and saw my garden filled with the daffodils he planted a few years ago. Perhaps I’ll pick some. I’ll enjoy them on my table this evening and painting them in the morning!