Sour Grapes -18G28

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Sour Grapes
Lemon and cluster of red grapes
Sour Grapes 18G28

8×10 oil on canvas Sour Grapes – 18G28

Painting Grapes and lemons together fit my mood today.

My darling husband’s Alzheimer’s has gotten to the stage where I am unable to meet his needs.

He is now living apart from me in the memory unit.

It’s a blessing that we moved to a wonderful retirement community. They are prepared for whatever life sends to us as we age.

Kelli’s Sunflowers 19H19

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Kelli's Sunflowers in a blue vase
Kelli's Sunflowers in a blue vase
Kelli’s Sunflowers 19H19

As I’ve often said, sunflowers are some of my favorite flowers. Yet, most all flowers are some of my favorites, too.

My friend brought these majestic beauties. So out came my canvas and paints!

I think I love best the way the flowers follow the sun. Just watch some sunny day. They seem to always just know where the sun is.

Pears, Grapes & Ginger Jar – 20D04

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COVID 19 Day 18 scaled
COVID 19 Day 18
Pears, Grapes & Ginger JarSOLD

COVID-19-day-18 Isolation has led me to frantically painting just to stay occupied. But from the looks of this Pears, Grapes & Ginger Jar painting, it’s agreeing with me!

The interesting side for me is that I’m actually getting used to not seeing anyone. That’s scary.

Here all my life I thought I was an extrovert, but NO.

COVID-19 has me doing a lot of thinking about how comfortable I am. So Introvert is really OK.

How are you all doing with staying at home, wearing a facemask when ever we’re outside, and all?

Grapefruit, Grapes & Plate : 18A15

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18A15 Grapefruite Grapes Plate scaled
18A15 Grapefruite Grapes Plate
Grapefruit, Grapes & Plate 8×10 Oil on Canvas Panel $100 White dish with blue border, two oranges and a bunch of grapes This is one of my early paintings back in 2018 when I was first getting back to my art. When John went to the Assisted Living unit because I was no longer able to care for him. Art provided me with the perfect venue to prevent me slipping into a long funk that could lead to depression. The colors have kept me OK. In case you aren’t aware, my husband has Alzheimer’s and I have MS. You can learn more on the Home Page. I’m getting back to the blog. It’s been a while I know. John is now on hospice and I’ve been more involved with his care but it’s all from a socially responsible distance. We have not been able to actually be together in the same space since mid-March. It’s been quite a challenge. Also I’ve spent much of the rest of my time becoming more organized with my art. This should make it easier for me to publish photos and a bit of a short story about the paintings. I’m also more able to list the paintings in the Facebook Shop. I donate 10% of all my sales to research on Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis.