Primroses and Galanthus

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SM Primroses 2019 1

Paul Foxton has continued to add videos to his blog. I try to paint along with his teaching. I’m having so much fun playing with colors. So I though I’d try to get the color of these little gems close to accurate. I love the way the little snowdrops frame and lead the eye into the painting. This tiny 5×7 study is a treat to remember the earliest beginning of spring.

SM Primroses 2019 2
You can be the judge. Did I hit it??
OK, so I’m not quite as good as the garden variety, but not bad as a painting.

They’ve opened!

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sm navajo daffodils

It doesn’t take long.

When I woke up this morning they were ready and willing.

So I broke out the paints. Before I knew it they were perky and ready to go.

SM Navajo Daffodils

Navajo Daffodils $125.00

If you’re ready for them to grace your home, just let me know.

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